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Our fantastic new brownie mix is available now for you to order and enjoy! 

2018-03-19, 00:23
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Happy Customer
2013-04-05, 00:03
These are great!
2013-04-03, 14:23
Mine turned out a little dry, I think I may have left them in a bit too long.
2013-03-29, 23:36
I was given this for Christmas and as we had so many yummies it only got made today.
OMG - you have never tasted anything so amazing!!
The girls and I all just stared at each other in disbelief at how good this brownie was!
If you love chocolate, you will love this.
2013-03-28, 18:11
Best brownies ever!!
2013-03-25, 04:16
These went down a treat when I had my friends round for afternoon tea. So easy to bake!

Rainbow coloured cookies

2013-03-29, 23:44
Lovely cookies, will definitely order again
2013-03-19, 09:45
I bought one of these for a friend for Christmas, and she loved it. She makes really good cookies anyway, but she seemed to like the convenience of the dry mixture having already been weighed out. A fun gift.
2013-03-12, 20:42
A really nice gift to receive!
2013-03-04, 10:11
I love these cookies, it would be great if the smarties were different colours though.

A jar of gingerbready loveliness

2018-03-19, 00:05
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2018-03-18, 23:00
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2013-04-20, 16:34
A taste of nostalgia - just like my Grandma used to make!
2013-03-19, 10:15
this little pot is so cute, i got it for my friends birthday ,i'm not sure if she's made it yet but she loved it and i will make sure next time i buy 2 so i can keep one for myself, they look really cute in kitchens as well
2013-02-23, 01:51
This is the easiest gingerbread mix / recipe I have ever baked, and it tasted fab too!

Create a gingerbread house to decorate and eat!

2013-04-27, 02:15
My gingerbread house won the family christmas baking competition! Thanks Claire's cakes!
2013-04-15, 15:33
i thought i would wait til i had tried and tested before commenting and i was really impressed i made biscuit mixture and pressed it into place and after just 15 minutes they were ready. I left them to cool for 10 mins before placing onto a cooling tray and this is the part where you usually discover that your amazing tin is actually useless but not the case with this one! each small piece picked out without having to move the tin atall on downside my trees wouldn't slot together but this was first attempt could of been the mixture. having decorated each piece they look amazing best to decorate sides and let dry before icing whole thing together otherwise would be very difficult to decorate.
2013-04-13, 00:43
I just used these the other day and had fun. It was a practice run - I'd never made a gingerbread house before. It was really easy and the individual parts are really easy to pop out - just have to spray them with something to help them come out easily. Looking forward to granddaughters helping in the kitchen!!
2013-03-18, 15:49
I bought this to make the house for this Christmas as we have all of our family coming around. I thought that it would be a great idea to fill it with gifts, decorate it then we can all break into it after dinner! My trial run was amazing!
2013-03-17, 00:03
This kit was fantastic, really easy to follow instructions and the decorations included were just right.

Ideal for children's parties or as a gift

2013-04-08, 10:54
The kids really enjoyed using your cupcake kit during the school holidays, we all enjoyed eating them. Thank you!
2013-04-07, 13:06
Was bought as a fun present to go with a cake stand for a newly wed. She was absolutely delighted as it enables a beginner to produce quality looking cup cakes and present them well.
2013-03-05, 18:16
Bought as a birthday present for a cake lover and she loved it! A very cute gift for anyone who loves to bake or even anyone who is a beginner.

Gooey chocolatey cake perfect for any occasion

2013-04-28, 22:56
Again have use this before and again very good value. Will be getting some more products like this from here as this is of good value. Thanks for a good service too very fast and efficient again thanks
2013-03-12, 14:42
Absolutely delicious - moist chocolate cake. Very simple to make. Just add butter cream and icing - super. Even a child could make this!
2013-03-11, 14:31
I made this cake for my brother's birthday as it is his favourite, I think you will be receiving an order from him soon! Thank you.

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