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My gingerbread house won the family christmas baking competition! Thanks Claire's cakes! Pip @ 2013-04-27, 02:15
A Genreal Testimonial! Guest @ 2013-04-08, 00:41
This is the easiest gingerbread mix / recipe I have ever baked, and it tasted fab too! Diane @ 2013-02-23, 01:51
Buy something from my spam site! Bob @ 2013-04-25, 18:18
Bought as a birthday present for a cake lover and she loved it! A very cute gift for anyone who loves to bake or even anyone who is a beginner. Guest @ 2013-03-05, 18:16
I bought one of these for a friend for Christmas, and she loved it. She makes really good cookies anyway, but she seemed to like the convenience of … read more
Guest @ 2013-03-19, 09:45
Again have use this before and again very good value. Will be getting some more products like this from here as this is of good value. Thanks for a … read more
Guest @ 2013-04-28, 22:56
I just used these the other day and had fun. It was a practice run - I'd never made a gingerbread house before. It was really easy and the individual … read more
Karen @ 2013-04-13, 00:43
Lovely cookies, will definitely order again Guest @ 2013-03-29, 23:44
Best brownies ever!! Guest @ 2013-03-28, 18:11

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